47 years innovating in plastic packaging

Polimáquinas has the best alternatives and opportunities to serve the market with customized and tailored solutions for your business. For 47 years it has been innovative and pioneering, leader in Latin America in  the manufacturing of cutting and welding machines for flexible plastic packaging, ranging from traditional supermarket bags to flexible hands, stand up, wicketer and more. Serves large companies of the national and international market. It has a team trained to meet the needs of the customer.

A modern and dynamic company that develops machines exported to several parts of the world, due to it's high performance and competitiveness, favoring the brazilian industry. 

Quality policy

Polimáquinas is a company whose mission is to generate values for it's customers by supplying high quality products to the plastic packaging market, focusing on profitabilty to the business and customer satisfaction.

The results are obtained through:

  • Continuous training and development, seeking the commitment and the profesionals motivation.
  • Establishment of partnerships with suppliers.
  • Combating waste.
  • Meeting the requirements applicable to the products.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of SGQ processes and quality management system.

Our location

Polimáquinas chose Bauru to host it's insdustry because of it's stretegic location in the central area of the state of São Paulo, 340 km away from capital.  Bauru is a medium-sized city, has more than 337 thousand inhabitants and has a favorable structure for it's intense industrial activity and for being considered one of the most promising cities in the country.

Social actions

Concerned to cultivate good relationships, Polimáquinas  is a transparent and ethical company with society, invests in hiring of new talents and acts in the qualification and development of it's profesional team. In addition to offering more quality of life to it's employees, their families and the community.

ISO 9001 - Quality system certification

Polimáquinas has always focused on the continuous improvement of its products and processes. Valuing the concept of high performance to exceed the expectations of our customers.

In April 2006 to offer a business process more efficiently for our customers, the company incorporated the Quality Management System. In the same year we achieved the certification of ISO 9001 version 2000 and the hightest quality standard was internationally recognized requirements.

The certification of ISO 9001 version 2008 was achieved in March 2009, receiving the confirmation of our improvement, consolidating our performance always with quality, competence and dynamism.

And we will not stop anymore with this to the updates that happened in 2009, 2015 and most recent in the year of 2018 that represents ISO 9001 version 2015.

O desenvolvimento sustentável é prioridade para a nossa empresa, que está sempre em busca do equilíbrio com o meio ambiente.