Polisac 700 / 4 Welds

Polisac 700 / 4 Welds Polisac 700 / 4 Welds Polisac 700 / 4 Welds Polisac 700 / 4 Welds

Automatic machine for the production of animal feed bags (Pet Food)


Cutting and welding machine for the production of pet food bags, equipped with axis-driven unwinder with tension control, folding system of the accordion by mechanical process, continuous welding assembly for the execution of one or four welds, two servo motors for transport and braking, bottom welding with servo motor drive for cutting and welding control, conveyor belt with cotton straps, support structure for various devices specific to this package, PLC with HMI 15 "(colored" touch screen " ) with easy storage and storage, among other important functions to facilitate the operation and operator interaction.

Components Standard

  • Unwinder with pneumatic balance, electronic aligner, expandable aluminum shaft.
  • Triangle with tips for bag without accordion and 5 standard plates (30,40,50,60,70 mm).
  • 2.5 meter device structure
  • Mobile rear servo
  • Radial Compressor Refill System, Venturi Tube and Chip Pick-up Basket
  • Bottom welding head and pneumatic cutting knife drive.
  • Long stacker belt