Multisac 1100 / 1300

Multisac 1100 / 1300 Multisac 1100 / 1300 Multisac 1100 / 1300 Multisac 1100 / 1300

Automatic Bag Machine


Cutting and welding machine for the production of t-shirt bags with high productivity and confidence. Composed by an unwinder with tension control and edge alignment and slit-sealer; accordion with versatility in the changes of production; balance compensator with print point regulators and film deflectors; cutting and welding with side-border welding head with nickel-chromium tape and heated knife, providing very low maintenance; output table with adjustable length; robot for the handle of the package with hydraulic press for the cut of the handle and table of automatic accumulation; PLC with HMI (color touch screen) of easy handling and great location; with revenue storage and other important functions to facilitate the operation of the operator and interaction; "can-open" digital communication system between electronic components.

Components Standard

  • Coil holder with mechanical side locks
  • Print point regulator and photoelectric sensor
  • Packet formation with 100 units
  • Welding displacement system (anti-sticking)
  • Ease of changing the number of tracks
  • Coil end sensor
  • Safety device for occasional film breaking.

3,4,5 and 6 tracks with robot
Multisac 1100

3,4,5,6 and 7 tracks with robot
Multisac 1300