Polisac 700 / V

Polisac 700 / V Polisac 700 / V Polisac 700 / V Polisac 700 / V

Automatic Machine for Bags with Side Valve


Cutting and welding machine for the production of side valve packages, consisting of an unwinder with tension control and edge alignment; dual folding triangle with precise accordion adjustments and shifting versatility; compensating balance; support for various devices specific to this package; cutting and welding with lateral edge welding head and electronic reduction of welding time; conveyor belt with cotton straps and fixed stacking table; PLC with HMI (color touch screen) of easy handling and great location; with recipe storage, among other important functions to facilitate the operation and operator interaction.

Components Standard

  • Triangles with tips for bags without accordion and for 35mm, 45mm and 60mm accordions
  • Four embossing pulleys
  • Valve electrode with 200mm
  • Side closure electrodes with 300mm, 400mm and 500mm