Polisac 700 / CSW

Polisac 700 / CSW Polisac 700 / CSW Polisac 700 / CSW Polisac 700 / CSW

Cutting and welding machine with stacking wicketer process


Cutting and welding machine with wicket stacking process. Composed of an unwinder with tension control, edge alignment and triangle folder with gussetter (disc); balance compensator with traction roller; two sets of rollers and servomotors for film traction; support for several devices according to the need of production; electronic alignment system synchronizing the punch with the stacking needles; cutting and welding with lateral welding head and sealing roller driven by independent servomotor; wicket stacking system with excellent vacuum performance and arm positioning and modular output conveyor with independent speed control; stacking needles with table driven by servomotor; PLC with HMI (color touch screen) of easy handling and great localization with important functions to facilitate the operation and operator interaction; "can-open" digital communication system between electronic components

Components Standard

  • Unwinder with tension control and triangle folder with edge align;
  • Pneumatic expansion shaft coil holder
  • Automatic film position control and flap size
  • Gussetter (disc)
  • Balance compensator with traction roller and trash arm
  • Two sets for film traction, driven by servomotors
  • Lateral welding head (PE)
  • Sealing roll driven by servomotor;
  • Set of punch for high speed electronically aligned with stacking needles
  • Modular output conveyor with independent speed control
  • Three sets with eight gripper arms with low vacuum consumption
  • Servomotor driven stacking needles