Poliblock 1300

Poliblock 1300 Poliblock 1300 Poliblock 1300 Poliblock 1300

Automatic Staple pack bags Machine


Machine for the production of Staple pack bags with various formatting options. Equipped with an unwinder with tension control and slit-sealer; compensation system and film deflectors; support for devices; cutting and welding with bottom weld type head with nickel-chromium tape, having low teflon consumption and low maintenance; various stacking type options; robot for the handle of the package with several types of cut of straps and cutting blade; PLC with HMI (color touch screen) of easy handling and great location; with revenue storage, among other important functions to facilitate the operation and operator interaction.

Components Standard

  • Stacking with nickel-chromium tape staple system
  • Output table with adjustable length up to 800mm
  • Packages with up to 100 units
  • Robot for the handle of the package, hydraulic press and table of automatic accumulation