Polipouch 500

Polipouch 500 Polipouch 500 Polipouch 500

Automatic machine to Stand up (doy pack) and 3 Welds


POLIPOUCH 500 - Family of simple automatic machines for stand up (doy pack), 3 welds with or without zipper.
Cutting and welding machine for pouch type packing, starting from a single coil, produces Doy Pack or 3 weld packs with or without zipper.
Equipped with axle-driven unwinder with tension control, continuous hole punch for accordion bore, triangle and folding set, welding set for zipper application, three servo motors for transport and braking, longitudinal welding car with servo drive, three sealers servo motor driven fly knife, PLC with HMI 15 "(color touch screen) for easy handling and great location with storage among other important functions to facilitate the operation and operator interaction

Components Standard

  • Unwinder with pneumatic balance, electronic aligner and expandable aluminum shaft.
  • Triangle with tips for bag without accordion and 5 standard plates (30,40,50,60,70 mm).
  • 5/8 "4-hole continuous punch (accordion holes)
  • Device structure of 7.5 to 10.0 meters
  • Rear and center segmented traction rollers for film tension control.
  • Longitudinal welding trolley with servo driven sealers. Three sets of parabolic inserts, straight inserts (3 Welds), and chevron insert (45 ° weld).
  • Two transverse sealers (metal / rubber) driven by servos to control welding and pressure time.
  • Zipper crusher.
  • Cold crushing for zipper and accordion - safety for liquids packaging
  • Transverse cooler pneumatic drive.
  • Tear notch type openers.
  • Refill system with radial compressor, Venturi tube and waste pick-up basket
  • "Fly knife" cutting system with servo motor drive.
  • Stacker belt

4 welds
Stand up with zipper
3 welds

Width (mm) Height (mm) Accordion side (mm)
longitudinal intermittent welding car 140-680 up to 650 mm in the longitudinal weld car 30 – 100
continuous welding car 90-680 > 650mm – kit continuous welding of ziper 30 – 100

Single line
Type                                Stand up without / with zíper 3 welds with/without zíper
Widht min./max. (mm) 60 – 320 60 – 640
Height min./max. (mm) 120 – 700 120 – 750
Velocity (cpm) 120 150